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4-Wire Resistive
4-Wire Resistive

4-wire resistive touchScreen

Single Touch



Standard product


Single Touch



Standard product


Suitable for small size products, lower cost, and mature technology.


        • Low power consumption, save power

        • The high yield rate of mass production and the easy access to materials make the price more competitive.

        • Low threshold for small sizes, mature technology, and the product can be light and thin.

High Applicability

The operation method is flexible. ex: finger, gloves, or stylus are all available.

High reliability

Not easily triggered by other interference

High durability

It is resistant to environmental interference and is not restricted by external conditions such as electricity or water

Operating Principle & Structure


The 4-wire resistive touch panel is composed of two layers of conductive materials (Indium Tin Oxide, ITO), which are usually composed of conductive film (ITO film) and conductive glass (ITO glass), these two layers are divided by insulating Spacer Dots.

After the circuit passes through the upper and lower layers to contact each other, an analog voltage signal will be generated, which is the output of the circuit, converting into a digital signal by the controller, then the computer calculates the correct position of the touch. For 4-wire resistive touch panel, X-axis and Y-axis are made separately on the film and the glass, and separates the wiring in the action area. At the same time, a fixed voltage is set to become a uniform electric field, and the difference in voltage value will be converted into an accurate coordinate position.


Gtouch 4-wire resistive touch panel is widely used in handheld devices, video games, and industrial control fields. We have more than 25 years of experience in working and cooperating with our customers, and can provide the best solution for their specified specifications. We can quickly understand your needs and provide stable and efficient products that meet the industry standards.

Standard Specification

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* Product specifications may be affected by material selection, stackup changes, and enhanced design, please contact us if you have special requirements.

Standard Products

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Customized Products

Couldn’t find suitable product? We are glad to provide customized solution for you.

Please refer to the chart below, these are common modified specifications.

Common standard materials selections:

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Value-added service

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