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Bezel-Less Resistive
Bezel-Less Resistive
Bezel-Less Resistive
Bezel-Less Resistive


Single Touch



Standard product


Single Touch



Standard product


The bezel-less resistive products can divide into 4-wire and 5-wire resistive, which are extended applications for them, and also inherit the pros and cons of the original 4-wire /5-wire resistive.


      • Bezel-less design improves the appearance and mechanism design of resistive products.

      • Colorful appearance, function keys, printing button, icons and logos can all be customized according to the requirement.

      • It can be designed for dust/waterproof products

High Applicability

The operation method is flexible. ex: finger, gloves, or stylus are all available.

High reliability

Not easily triggered by other interference

High durability

It is resistant to environmental interference and is not restricted by external conditions such as electricity or water

Operating Principle & Structure

The main structure of the bezel-less resistive touch screen is based on the 4-wire/5-wire touch screen. The top layer is designed as Membrane which  is optical grade PET and can design some switch outside the display window. In the center is a transparent display window used for LCD panel display, and the outer frame is generally black or white printed with LOGO and ICON or switch design on it. The appearance of the touch panel can be designed according to the customer’s mechanism, we can provide square or rounded corners, or free-shaped solutions.


Gtouch bezel-less resistive touch panels are widely used in medical, industrial control, human-machine interface, multi-function printers and other industries, and we guarantee continuous supply for up to 5-10 years. We also have a lot of product experience and can provide customers with suitable solutions. We can quickly understand your needs and provide stable and efficient products that meet the industry standards.

Standard Specification

Stackup 1 Top Layer ITO Film with printed mask – Double Sided Adhesive – Bottom Layer ITO Glass
Stackup 2 Top Layer Membrane – OCA – Middle Layer ITO Film – Double Sided Adhesive – Bottom Layer ITO Glass
Hardness >=3H pencil
Transparency 80%
Haze 8% (Anti-Glare) or 5% (Clear)
Operating Force <50g
Linearity <1.5%
Chattering Time: <15ms
FPC Type FPC 100mm / 150mm / 200mm
Pitch 2.54 mm
Insulation resistance ≧ 20MΩ/25V DC
Operating voltage: 5V
Operating Temperature / Humidity -10℃~ 70℃ / 20% ~ 80%
Storage Temperature / Humidity -40℃~ 80℃ / 20% ~ 90%
Durability (Stylus Knock Test) 10 million Times
Warranty 2 years
* Product specifications may be affected by material selection, stackup changes, and enhanced design, please contact us if you have special requirements.

Standard Products

*This series is manufactured after order
Size Model View Area Active Area Outline Thickness Tail L./P.
10.4" GP-104F-5M-NT06B 213.1 x 160.3 215.5 x 162.7 259.1 x 206.3 2.2 143 / 9’o clock
12.1" GP-121F-5M-NT04B 247.5 x 186 249.5 x 188 306.5 x 244.5 2.2 140 / 9’o clock
15" GP-150F-5M-NT03B 304.7 x 228.7 308.7 x 232.7 364.7 x 288.7 2.2 195 / 11’o clock
15" GP-150F-5N-NT04B 307.1 x 231.1 308.7 x 232.7 354.1 x 277.1 2.2 200 / 3'o clock
15" GP-150F-5N-NT05B 305 x 229 306.6 x 230.6 346 x 270 2.2 115 / 8’o clock
15.6"w GP-156F-5M-NT01B 345.23 x 194.54 347.63 x 196.94 386.81 x 237.12 2.1 200 / 11’o clock
15.6"w GP-156F-5M-NT02B 346.22 x 195.54 347.82 x 197.14 400.72 x 253.72 2.2 148 / 9’o clock
17" GP-170F-5M-NT06B 338.2 x 270.6 339.8 x 272.2 395 x 326.4 2.2 197 / 8’o clock
18.5"w GP-185F-5N-NT03B 410.8 x 231.4 413.2 x 233.8 446.05 x 271.18 2.1 201 / 11’o clock
19" GP-190F-5M-NT07B 377.4 x 302.1 379.8 x 304.5 437.4 x 362.1 2.2 197 / 3’o clock
21.5"w GP-215F-5N-NT02B 477.64 x 269.11 479.24 x 270.71 533.4 x 324.86 2.2 255 / 12’o clock

Customized Products

Couldn’t find suitable product? We are glad to provide customized solution for you.Please refer to the chart below, these are common modified specifications.

Common standard materials selections:
ITEM Component Name (description) Specifications
1 ITO Glass (Thickness) 1.1mm / 1.8mm / 2.8mm
2 ITO Film (Haze) Anti-Glare: 8% / Clear: 5%
3 Flexible cable (Type) FFC / FPC
4 Flexible cable (Length) 85mm / 120mm / 150mm / 200mm
5 Pitch 2.54mm / 1.0mm
6 Connector Housing Locking / Non-Locking
7 Adhesive 3M VHB / TESA
8 Sizes 4.3”~24” Customized OD / VA / AA
9 Specify TAIL outlet location Left / Right / Up / Down

Customized Enhanced Product (Optional)

In order to meet the requirements of high performance, our five-wire resistive touch panel can be produced with following enhanced technologies to meet the needs of the high-end market.

Light Force Technology

With minimum approximate 15g force, users can have an operating experience that similar to PCAP. Since the abrasion of the ITO coating caused by pressing is reduced, the product life become longer.

Wide Temperature Range Technology

For the extremely harsh environment of low temperature to high temperature (ex: -30℃~80℃), it can effectively control the variability of appearance and maintain the operation of the product, which can keep the product with stable and high performance.

Long Lifetime Design

For applications requiring high touch durability, we can provide solution for up to 35 million finger clicks times (at the same point), and has passed strict click tests to ensure product durability.

EMI Shielding Design

To meet high-end market needs, such as military standard applications, we can provide professional EMI shielding solutions.

UV Resistant Design

For outdoor application requirements, long-term exposure to the UV environment may cause potential damage to the surface or the coating of the touch panel, which might affect the appearance and the function of it. UV-resistant design can effectively reduce the issue caused by UV exposure.

Vandal Proof Design

To meet safety regulation requirements, products with vandal proof design are provided. The glass substrate of the touch panel must meet the vandal proof specification when it is broken. Ensuring that the fragments will not splash out and injure people when the glass is cracked.

Heating Design

In cold areas many products are often used in low-temperature environment, resulting in poor performance and low reliability. Providing products with heating designs can effectively improve issues caused by low-temperature environments and allow products to operate successfully.

Optical Requirement Design
According to some specific optical application, we can use these solutions to achieve clear vision, low reflections, and high penetration.
Low Reflection
Sun Light Readable
Viewing Angle Restriction
Low Reflection
Sun Light Readable
Viewing Angle Restriction
Value-added service

eGalaxTouch controller


LCM/LCD Module

LCM+Touch (air bonding)

LCM+Touch (optical bonding)

To get a Quatation or more information, Please feel free to conact us !