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About Gtouch

In 1995 Groovy Technology Corporation established our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and later created a branch facility in Shenzhen China. Groovy Technology is an organization of professionals dedicated solely to the touch screen industry. Backed by a highly skilled and innovative R&D group, Groovy Technology has been able to introduce a variety of high quality standard products as well as accommodating and supporting our customer’s unique demands and needs. Over two thousand companies have looked to Groovy Technology for high quality touch products.

With vision and professional zeal, Groovy Technology has positioned ourselves to make substantial contributions in the touch screen field as we enter the digital future. Groovy Technology envisioned and is now realizing a world where interacting with machines will be intuitive and touch screen technology would play a major role. That role will be in the form of a developer and supplier of touch screen products.

What is Gtouch?

Since the establishment of Groovy Technology Corp, we have marketed globally under our own brand “Gtouch” for a long time. “G” is the abbreviation of our company’s English name – Groovy, which is with the meaning of excellent, great, and inspiring. The hand on our corporate logo declares “Touch” that not only represents the intuitive touch experience, but also symbolizes the determination of how we focus on the touch panel industry.

Gtouch Vision




Why Choose Gtouch ?

As a professional touch solution provider, Gtouch will always provide customers with the best product technology, the best quality, and the best service.

Based on the following reasons, we are confident that Gtouch is your best choice:

  • We understand your needs for touch panels.

  • We provide a variety of touch technologies to meet unique applications in different markets.

  • We are committed to providing quality products.

  • We have strong experience in customizing touch panels.

  • We are willing to provide you with competitive prices.

  • We provide the best service to customers around the world.
We have witnessed how the Coronavirus disease became a financial crisis affecting the world. As a result, nations around the globe suffered from economic recession and every sector faced severe challenges for survival. At this critical moment, the key point of strategic planning for Groovy Technology Corporation is “to turn crisis into opportunity”.

“The highest excellence is like that of water” is the wisdom prescribed in Tao Te Ching. It entails adopting different means of operation in different situations. In the face of widespread economic recession, Groovy Technology Corporation shall strive towards the goal of collaborating with clients through appropriate means to reach greater heights, endeavor for a brighter tomorrow and accomplish great achievements. We will be launching new production line in 2021 and we will remain undaunted despite the financial crisis. So keep an eye out for new offerings from Groovy Technology Corporation!