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Insisting on Quality

Material Advantages

Key materials such as ITO glass, ITO Film and ink are made of Japanese, European and American raw materials. Through rigorous testing and complete verifying, those materials are mass-produced for high-performance touch panels, providing long-term supply to customers in industrial control, medical, and military applications fields. We’ll keep working with material suppliers to develop new materials to meet customers' high-end application needs.

Mass Production Advantages

Our production is flexible, standard products are always stocked to meet the small and diverse needs of customers, and the MOQ is reduced to meet customer expectations. To operate the production with the most cost-effective and efficient method, mass production projects are produced with large motherboards, which also provides customers with short delivery time and competitive price.

Equipment Advantages

Our factory is equipped with a 10K class clean room, and a 1K class clean room is also equipped especially for bonding that effectively control the amount of dust in the environment. With the latest technology and semi-automatic equipment, we are able to create high-precision products and to shorten product production time for improving production efficiency. The performance of five-wire resistive products is enhanced by producing through high-temperature tunnel, which makes the products stand out from other competitors.

Yield Rate Advantage

Only by focusing on the diligence and innovation of the production process, and through the training of operators, can we continuously optimize the production process and provide First Pass Yield. With high-standard management of factory operation, the yield rate of touch panels is reflected in product quality.

Certification system

Our manufacturing process complies with the standard of ISO 9001:2015

Our product complies with EMI inspection standards in CE and FCC.

Our product complies with the EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) standards, which protects human health by restricting harmful substances in electronic equipment, and guarantees reasonable recycling of waste material to protect the environment.

Our product complies with EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Control of Chemical Substances) regulations, which is a newly listed regulation in EU.